Euro 2016

Britain lack the football intellect to go far at Euro 2016

Euro 2016
Euro 2016

So Great britain finished as runners-up a mediocre group at Group 2016. What a distress Three Lions do not perform at major shining!

England did not find a way past a stubborn Slovakia team and drew 0-0 with January Kozak’s men.

Slovakia looked after well for the 85 minutes, with Liverpool centre-back Martin Skrtel putting in a very good screen. However, if England should be make the latter levels of the competition they need to find a way to unlock persistent defences.

Wales managed to put two past Slovak republic and three past Spain, but fair play to Chris Coleman’s side they have showed passion, dedication and above a great touch in their video games that England have weren’t getting for much of the tournament.

The Welsh have been superb and revealed England what sort of top team should be performing in the group, even if the Dragons did slip-up against their neighbours on game week two.

England cannot close games away

Some Britain fans will claim that the Three Lions have bossed all three group games, but this was against Russia, Wales and Slovakia. It absolutely was not like they were drawn against world beating teams. They are decent teams do not get me wrong, but these are teams that any self-respected contender would beat.

England dominated control against Russia and it all looked to be coming to a rightful, solid conclusion of Roy Hodgson’s side claiming a victory. An undeserved equaliser from Russia spoilt that, but that result was caused by a complete lack of football cleverness, from both the presentation and the bench.

Could Italy, France, Spain or Germany have conceded in the same manner? Likely not, because they would have employed every strategy in the book to spend time and generally reduced the opportunities for the opposition.

They might have had the ball in the corner flag, they would have been tossing themselves on the ground with every tackle from the competitors and they would have closed the game away, collected the points and moved on. Not Great britain though.

The question represents about the suspect protection rared their ugly mind, as Hodgson’s side conceded a goal which has now basically decided the group.

Locating a way through

Considering Roy Hodgson was supposed to have named an attacking team, the amount of simple chances three Lions have had in France has not been high in number. There were lots of long shots on goal and huffing and smoking.

Against Slovakia I can remember England having 3 clear-cut chances. Jamie Vardy was denied by the ‘keeper in the first half, Nathaniel Clyne got an effort tipped large and Dele Alli noticed an effort cleared near to the line by Skrtel.

Presently there might have been others, but it can nothing like the Three Is have peppered the The eu – slovak republic goal with brilliant attempts and their ‘keeper Matus Kozacik has had the sport of his life. Simply the England attack do have the guile to find a way previous a mediocre but well-drilled team.

Some people will explain well other big clubs have had problems circumventing teams down in Italy. Well the difference is that they did find a system past their adversaries. France, Spain and France have the ability to scored late goals and certain won their groupings.

The is they found the best way through and that is the difference between England and the big football nations at Euro 2016, they find a way through and this is the reason why the Three Lions will neglect to reach the last mentioned stages of the competition.

Still time to improve

Roy Hodgson made becomes his team for Slovak republic and they did not pay-off. Nevertheless the Three Is are before the previous 16 and there is still time to improve. The potential opponents of Portugal, Hungary, Iceland and Austria do not look like a daunting potential customer.

Finishing second means conference they that finishes second in Group F, which has been the most wide open group in France.

Zero of the quartet from Group F have recently been that impressive and The united kingdom would fancy their chances against any of them at the moment. The Three Lions are at present odds of 6/5 to make it to the quarter-finals stages, which suggest the bookies fancy Hodgson’s side to make it to the last 8 of the competition.

Nevertheless, from their three routines at Euro 2016 so far it is difficult to believe the current England team could go beyond the last ten, especially with hosts Portugal as a potential quarter-final opponent. They just do not seem to be to have the same footballing nous-mêmes as a lot of their rivals in England and in sadly it will show in the end.

How far will England go at Euro 2016?

What can Chelsea fans hope to see from their club’s new chief Antonio Conte?

There is a slant of general excitement, willingness and positive reckoning among Chelsea fans upon the official declaration and affirmation of Antonio Conte’s up and coming landing after the Euro 2016.

Chelsea Football club have affirmed on Monday that Antonio Conte will turn into the club’s lasting chief as the Italy manager has conceded to a three-year contract with the Stamford Bridge furnish.

However, would could it be that Chelsea fans can anticipate from the new manager?

Antonio Conte has constructed his administrative notoriety working with Juventus, the club he prompted three continuous Scudetti.

Conte’s Juventus went undefeated in their first Serie A crusade and have gone to enhance their focuses count in each of the following two seasons in the Serie A. Conte’s Juventus turned into the primary club to smash the 100-point check in the Italian group and Conte’s impact on Juventus as we probably am aware them today is gigantic.

The 46-year-old strategist is a colossal spark, additionally a stickler with a touchy temper. A very requesting rogue is famous for crushing out results and his unflinching man-administration aptitudes.

In a strange sort of way, Antonio Conte is the nearest Chelsea will get to repeating Mourinho’s model.

Italian Mourinho

Antonio Conte’s affirmation, expected and anticipated as it might have been, managed to raise a few eyebrows however.

Having sacked Jose Mourinho in December for the absence of results and because of the upset group climate, Chelsea were not anticipated that would supplant the Portuguese with a director that would apparently have such a large number of comparable attributes to the Portuguese.

Antonio Conte’s temperament makes him the Italian “Extraordinary One”, a supervisor who is extreme on players, an outcome driven director who lean towards winning to diverting and a man who is not hesitant to face equaling administrators on the touchline and in the press.

His most loved catchphrase “Eat grass” says a lot of his instructing style.

Italian chief trusts that redundancy is the way to learning and his players are regularly put to thorough preparing strategies until every player’s part on the pitch turns into their second nature.

Pizazz, appealing style of play and eye-getting football play second fiddle to usage of strategic ideas of Conte’s play which frequently undermine colorful football fans hunger for.?

John Stone

40Million pound is not expensive for John Stones playing form.

John Stone
John Stone

This article is the article of 5th Premier League of the season between Everton and Chelsea. Because for this game, besides of the result that Everton did well another interesting topic is John Stone playing form. Therefore, this article we will talk about his performance compare with his compensation of 40Millions pounds.

John Stone is one that Jose Murillo from Chelsea interested to pull into his team in the first round of transfer market. From the news if Chelsea really want him to support Chelsea, They might need to pay 40Millions pounds which firstly, Does his compensation is too high for defensive midfielder star? But after seeing his performance that just ended between Everton and Chelsea, could tell that his compensation isn’t high at all.

Why? Because after seeing his performance on latest game between Everton and Chelsea, clearly see that John Stone is defensive midfielder that has bright future which he barely fail and often cut off Chelsea attacking game. Especially, cover Diego Costa, Chelsea forward which is really great job. From latest game John Stone performance was very outstanding for Everton defensive. For his form and 40Millions pounds compensation, if Chelsea will pull him to play together, it’s not expensive at all.

Mastering game has to be more decisive if Brendan Rodger wishes to bring Liverpool to get beeter than before!

Brendan Rodger
Brendan Rodger

This article will talk about an interesting team in Premier League this season and that’s Liverpool, Coach Brendan Rodger. The reason why talking about Liverpool and why see that Liverpool is an interesting team because work of Liverpool this season is the answer that Brendan Rodger will keep going with Liverpool or not.

The reason why Liverpool performance will give the answer that Brendan Rodger will keep going with Liverpool further because this season is his 4th years with Liverpool. Since he works here he never bring team to reach any champ and Liverpool wasted money for support the team which Liverpool’s performance next season will be the answer that Brendan Rodger will still staying with Liverpool or not. So, this season Brendan Rodger will have to work harder and if he wishes to bring Liverpool to have better work he’ll start fix in the mastering game first.

Reason if coach Brendan Rodger wishes to make better work than last season, he’ll need to fix at attacking midfielder because after see Liverpool’s work during start of the season clearly see that they’re not good enough because from previous work their mastering game isn’t decisive enough by 4 games statistic Liverpool got just 2 goal which it’s disappointing number and it’s prove that Liverpool mastering game still not good enough. So, if next season Brendan Rodger wishes to make Liverpool work better than last season, they need to fix on attacking midfielder because if he can fix it, the team will have better work.

Asmir Begovic

Asmir Begovic is a deal that good pick for support Chelsea from previous transfer market.

Asmir Begovic
Asmir Begovic

Even though the first round of transfer market closed but this article will talk about interesting deal from this round of transfer market. And the deal that will talking about is reaching Asmir Begovic to boost Chelsea. Why we talking about this deal because this is a good deal for Chelsea and worthwhile beyond compensation.

So the reason Chelsea, coach Jose Murillo choose this guy to support his team on the first round of transfer market because Petr Cech, the goal keeper dicided to move to Aesenal for more change to play in game, that’s why Chelsea need to find someone instead which is Asmir Begovic. Personally, for this deal not interesting at first but after see Asmir Begovic form with Chelsea must say this is a good deal for Chelsea.

For the reason why pull Asmir Bebovic deal to support the team during transfer market in the past is good pick for Chelsea because Asmir Begovic able to help Chelsea pretty good when they’re lack the main goal, Tibo Courtois. So it’s good for Chelsea because clearly see that Chelsea have two talented goalkeeper. If the main can’t be in game they don’t need to worry because the second hand still got good skill. So, this deal about pull Asmir Begovic to support Chelsea is a good pick to boost the team.

Gonzalo Higuain

Gonzalo Higuain is a good one if Chelsea will pull to boost the team for next season!

Gonzalo Higuain
Gonzalo Higuain

For now, after the battle of last season is finished. Now, things are constantly bustling is the transfer market player. This article will talk about current market players’ news, The Pensioners Chelsea, won the Premier League this season as rumored they finding new forward and they pay attention to best forward Gonzalo Higuain of Napoli.

By the reason for Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager has rumored to add another striker. That’s because next season they will play without Didier Drogba. The news flow out that Chelsea seeking for another striker, they pay attention to Gonzalo Higuain. Unknown they pay attention for him and they’re really need new striker but Gonzalo Higuain is a good player to pull in for next season.

The reason is Gonzalo Higuain latest performance is the point for Chelsea to grab him. He’s the top striker and marked as making score. If Chelsea pull him in the team, he’ll help making score because his previously success with Napoli can assure that now he’s the making score striker and he’ll certainly making aggressive game for Chelsea.

Brendan Rodger

Liverpool with the way up to the champ this new season is challenging Brendan Rodger!

Brendan Rodger
Brendan Rodger

After England Premier League this season has started for a while. This article will talk about one interesting team and should keep an eye on for the champ this season. And the one we talking about is Liverpool, coach Brendan Rodger. Because this new season Liverpool is an interesting team because the way forward the champ is quite a bit challenging Brendan Rodger.

So that the reason for champ this season, Liverpool, coach Brendan Rodger is interesting and should keep an eyes on also this new season is challenging Brendan Rodger that’s because Liverpool performance this season is the answer that next season Brendan Rodger will still in the coach postion or not.

The reason why Liverpool work is the answer that Brendan Rodger will still going with Liverpool because this new season is 4 years he been working with Liverpool, since he start being Liverpool coach he never push team to get any champ plus Liverpool dump a lot of money to support the team which if this season Brendan Rodger can’t push the team to have better performance, at least must reach to small champ or ended with a ticket to EUFA Champion League. So, it’s possible that next season he might not going with Liverpool. So, this new season quite a bit challenging Brendan Rodger.

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